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We are a small kennel, breeding Flat coated retrievers. We are situated in the South Bohemia, Czech Republic, not far from the border with Austria.

The dogs from our kennel are quite successful so we won the Breeder of the Year award for the most successful breeder of Flat coated retrievers in years 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Currently we have one breeding bitch, and three veteran bitches, two junior bitch and one stud dog. Ike z Vlčích luk, the founding bitch of our kennel, died 8th March 2018 at the age of almost 13 years. Currently, we have only one breeding bitch, Fleur de Lis and twoo promising juniors.
Our goal is to produce puppies of good health and friendly character, with excellent working abilities and good show qualities. All our bitches are HD negative (A/A) and all X-rayed offsprings are HD negative (A/A or A/B). Their ED is negative as well, and they all have eyes free of hereditary disorders.

Aya (Ike z Vlčích luk) was the founding bitch of our kennel. She is loving, friendly and lively, she loves children and was a gentle companion to my disabled mother.
She has never been a typical show dog, but she still was quite successful - several CACs, one res. CACIB and one CACIB, as well as four BOVs. She has the titles of Czech Champion and Czech Veteran Champion.
Our main focus is working with our dogs. Aya is a Working Champion of the Czech Republic, she has several CACTs, and she is an all-purpose retriever (and has right to use title "U", which means she completed the most difficult type of cold game competitions). She participated in two of the most prestigious cold game competitions; the Czech Derby 2011 (7th place and res. CACT) and the International Retriever Competition for all-purpose retrievers (7th place)
She gave birth to three healthy litters, the last one in 2012. Since then she is "retired" from breeding and competitions, but it doesn't mean that she's bored.She was working until 11,5 years picking up birds during shooting season. Last year she still loved to retrieve, but we have to spare her health.
Health: HD/A (at her young age the other health test were not widely used)
She died 8th March 2018 at the age of nearly 13 years.

Ginny (Art's Ginny Tercius) is very friendly and very faithful. She is a big girl, when she was very young, she was almost an "ugly duckling". But, like in the fairy tale, she has grown into a charming young lady. She has good bones, nice angulation and deep ribcage, but most of all, she has an excellent movement. She is a Czech Champion, but she hates the show ring, so we left shows for Ginny's true passion - work.
At the age of 14 month she participated in her first cold game competition. It was one of the competitions of the higher type and she passed with excellent grades. When she was 17 months old, she passed her all-purpose test and she also has the right to use the title  "U". She is the only dog, who qualified for the International Retriever Competition (the most prestigious cold game competition in the Czech Republic) six times and her results were impressive. In 2010 she was second (only one point behind the winner) and she has three CACTs and two reserve CACTs from this competition alone. She also has three CACT, two reserve CACTs and four reserve CACIT from Field trials and numerous CACTs from cold game competitions.
Ginny had two litters of puppies. Now she is veteran, still enjoying work during the shooting season. This year it was her 11th.
Health: HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear (free of hereditary disorders)

Derry (Cinderella Tercius) is Ginny's daughter, the third generationof our dogs. She is a real beauty, at the age of 2 years she fulfilled the conditions for Czech Show Championship. Two years later she has completed the title Czech Grand Champion.
At the beginning she seemed to be a little shy, but as she was growing up, she showed her talent for work as well. She is also a Czech Working Champion and an all-purpose dog (“U”). She won 13th place at the International Retriever Competition and has one reserve CACT from Field Trial.
She has a lovely temperament and a very gentle personality, but she is very clever and innovative. In her first litter she had only one puppy. Three years later she had big litter, but the last puppy was stillborn and she developed severe infection. With the great effort we saved her life and we saved 8 of the 10 puppies.
Now, she is retired. She is in veteran age, retired, but still active during the shooting season. She raises her grandaughter Skye aand lives happy life.
Health: HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear (free of hereditary disorders)

Tia (Contia Tercius) is Derry's sister and we co-own with a friend. Even though she wasn't shown very often, she is an excellent show bitch – Czech Junior Champion and Czech Champion. From 10 shows she has 2x CAJC, 2x BOJ, 2x reserve CAC, 4x CAC and 1x CACIB. She also completed one of the cold game tests and won 11th place out of 23 dogs.
She is friendly, intelligent, sometimes a little stubborn, but still easy to train, once you find out how to motivate her.
Tia is the mother of 10 puppies from the litter “G” and 9 of the litter "I". She is at the veteran age too and she lives with her family and with her daughter from I litter.
Health: HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear (free of hereditary disorders)

Fleur (Fleur de Lis Tercius) is Derry's only offspring from the first litter. We co-own her with our friend and we use her for breeding.
She was quite succesful at the show ring. She never left the ring without excellent and placement (under different judges) She is Czech champion, twice National winner, CACIB. BOS and Cruft´s qualified for 2019.
She passed almost all types of the cold game tests, She is "U"for an allpurpose dog. She has several CACTs an twice she was winner af the competition. Sometimes she is too fast and the obidience is not perfect, so she makes unnecessary faults. She works with breathtaking drive. She is used in practical hunts too and she is doing well.
She had one very promising litter of 8 puppies. Her career is not yet over.
Health HD/A, ED/0, eyes clear incl. gonio.

Eda (Now I´m Here Exotic Lunas ) is our stud dog. We co - own him with our friends. He is the father of our litters "G", "H" and "I" and we kept one of his daughters for our breeding. He has an excellent temperament and working abilities. At the age of 2,5 years he fulfilled the conditions for the Czech Working Champion (hunting) on the very difficult all-purpose hunting competition. So he is also "U" - universal dog. Some 4 month later he became Czech show champion as well. He was maturing slowly, but he is grew into the very handsome dog. He has an excellent bones, nice long neck, long stride. He is not too eager to be in a show ring - as all our dogs he preferes the work. Four times in row he won the title "Best working dog" at the yearlong club competition. Until now he sired three more litters. Some of his offsprings are successful at the show ring.
Health: HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear (free of hereditary disorders)

Isis Luna (Luna Tercius) is daughter of Contia and Eda and she lives with her mother at our friend´s home. At the begining she seemed to mature slowly. But since autumn, she had some succes in the show ring. She had reserve CAC at the club show, CAC at the International dog show in Prague and wonderfull result at DUO CACIN show in Brno, whre she won CAC, CACIB and BOS at the age of 2. A month later she won another CAC and CACIB. She fulfilled basic talent tests and she is training for the hunting tests.

Health: HD/A ED 0
Skye (Jolly Roger Tercius) is daughter of Fleur. She is 5 th generation in maternal line. She is still very young but very promising at the show ring and even more at work. She has lovely temperament, real will to please (it doesn´t mean she is not testing the borders of the acceptable behaviour). She has interesting pedigree - the combination of Scandinaviant and British blood (the Cassblaidd and Waverton blood lines). Until now she has some excellent in the show ring  and fulfilled basic talent tests.
Helth: HD/A. ED/0, Eyes (incl. gonio) free of hereditary disorders

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