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Let me introduce you our new litter "B"

We had 8 boys and 2 girls. Their character is not yet ready, much depends on how will they be raised. This short sketches shows, how we see them now.
He was named after First Kings of Jerusalem (Baldwin or Baudouin). He has temperament of real hero, he is active and curious. Only stairs in our house showed, that even hero has some weak side. He was almost last to learn to walk down the stairs. As all our puppies, he is friendly and he found out the secrets of the kitchen - so he often prefers to wait for something tasty instead of seeking the adventure. He has incorrect bite at the time, so he may not be for shows (the bite may improve, but anyhow he´ll not go for full price).

Hi is named after Duke of Bedford, the loyal pair of Henry the 6th. He is growing into very handsome young man. At the begining he was one of the smaller boys, but now, when we look at his head and feet, we supose, he´ll be strong and well built. He is very temperament but loving boy. Always one of the most eager to reach our arms and lick our face, but also one of the most eager to investigate the garden. He has a real chance to grow into dual purpose dog, for show and work. But he can be a loving companion too.

One of the King Arthur´s knights, the one who witnessed kings death and returned the famous sword to the lake.  Our Knight is lovely handsome boy. Bit carefull not to destroy himself (he was the other one having problems with stairs), but not at all scared. He is very friendly and he loves to lay on someone´s lap. But at the moment, when something interesting passes on, he changes into fast and temperament dog. He is the other one wih chance to be a dual purpose dog.

He was chosen by his family before he was born. So he is the only one with non - hero name. He is in his loving family now.

Yes, he has a name of Scotland´s hero W. Wallace. His mother gave him birth in the garden. She went out for the moment a the little boy was born in snow. She took him and brought him back home, so no harm was done. But how can you name the pup wit such a birth history? It must be the hero! Out little Scot is calm and strong. With excellent look and well balanced temperament. He is very loving boy too. Even hero needs a loving arms, don´t you think so? Again one possibly dual purpose dog.

He is names after prince of Ireland, St. Brennan (or Brendan). He is most gentle and loving dog. He preferes to stay with us in kitchen (and not only because of the good things to eat). He lays down on the floor and adoringly looks at us.  He is not the only one who loves to stay with us, but while others go in and out, he prefers to stay. He would be a perfect, patient and loving companion. He can be also good show nad working dog, he is very cooperative.

Brian Boru
He is named by king of Ireland, who united the land. By mistake, he has in his pedigree name Brian Born. But he is the most temperament boy. His love to all humankind is great and one must pay for such amount of love by scratches. Because he wants to be very close to you , his love is unfading. He explored the garden very early, he would be excellent for any kind of sport of work. His expression is typical, he has a "ridge" a line of hair on his nose, that makes him very pleasant.

Another noble name. But the main reason to call him "Buck" was, that he was the strongest of all boys. He is in his new home.

Original Berengaria was wife of Richard Lionheart. This one is gentle little bitch. She is in her new home

Is named by Brigit of Kildare, another Irish princess. This little princess in also in her new home.

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