This site is no longer maintained. New stuff you can find here.

This page was my small contribution to Marcelo Dantas's project RunCPM - emulation of CP/M computer running on Arduino


  • Almost everybody needs good text editor, one of the best is ZDE editor small program gem, power in 17 KB. See documentation for it's predecessor VDE on the same web site.

  • Under Windows I use Kitty terminal program, fork of famous PuTTY. Great feature of Kitty is key remapping, "WordStar standard" commands may be generated by press keys as arrows, PageUp, End etc. Insert next lines into section [Shortcuts] in kitty.ini:



Programs marked by asterisk are intended for RunCPM only.

  • *MYCOMBO (135 KB) - my actual (2020/11) RunCPM set. For study purpose only, there are many changes and much hardware dependent code.

  • *YTRANS v 1.3 (24 KB) - programs for file transfer RunCPM 3.6+ to/from PC via YMODEM protocol. Note: ZModem support, needed for this, was unfortunately removed from KiTTY 0.71+, ver. 0.70 you can download here - standard version and portable version (thanks for tip to Guido Lehwalder). New: If you have installed real-time clock with ZSDOS functions, file time is also transferred. During file upload is system time in RunCMP synchronized with PC.

  • KEYREC (5 KB) - keystrokes recorder

  • *ABDOS (21 KB) - alternative BDOS for RunCPM with BIOS calling, ZEX script processor for ZCPR3. New: fixed

  • *ANSIPRINT (13 KB) - almost standard printing on Windows printer.

  • *DS3231 (93 KB) - real-time clock for RunCPM/Arduino with DS3231 module, enhanced BDOS functions ZSDOS compatible, utilities.

  • DFBACC (9 KB) - DX-Forth library for access to dBase II DBF files

  • DXF1 (5 KB) - some small utitilies for (DX-)Forth

  • FIND (12 KB) is a small utility for searching files in drive system, ZCPR3 compliant.

  • *PRINT v 1.1 (4 KB) - printing on Windows printer (RunCPM 3.6+).

  • TED (7 KB) - fixed and improved editor for DX-Forth.

  • ED80 (0.9 MB) - tiny editor for programmers, installed for RunCMP.

  • *ZCPR33 (537 KB) - files and notes for installation of ZCPR v3.3, top replacement of standard CCP module.

  • *ZCPR2 (80 KB) - notes and files for full using of ZPCR2 opportunities.

  • *SD-1.2.2x (59 KB). SD library with added missing function "rename". In conjunction with changed file *ABSTRACTION_ARDUINO.H REN command and utilities internally using rename function (PIP, ARCOPY, Turbo Pascal saving etc.) now work like a charm.

  • WASH16 (20 KB) improved utility for directory maintenance.

  • *D (1 KB) is utility for sorted directory list with file sizes. Program of unknown origin, patched for use in RunCPM.

  • *RESET (1 KB) is small utility for Arduino reset, is needed very simple "hardware support" - one resistor (see RESET.Z80).

  • WS2RTF (4 KB) is program for Windows that converts WordStar files to RTF.